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8 Merrill Ave, Lisbon, ME 04250


Previous owners are the squatters. House was foreclosed in 2012. Building is dilapidated and yard full of garbage. Home is turned into a hangout for many young adults with cars coming and going all hours of the day.

505 S Fonda La Habra CA 90631

Hoarders rat pack unhealthy living conditions poor quality of living standards

1174 Whispering Winds Court, Apopka, FL 32703

1174 Nightwind Circle.jpg

There are squatters living in this house. the woman’s name is Lisa, and quite arrogant. He male, Paul H Freeman can be violent and is typically intoxicated. She refuses to leave, he used to live 2 houses away and was also foreclosed on, they keep the inside a mess to discourage a sale.

Update 06/01/2015
Saw them move out last week, house is now empty.

4208 n college st broken arrow ok 74012

123 chanel drive E shirley ny 11967

Removed by request

6017 SE REEDWAY ST, Portland, Oregon, 97206

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There are 3-6 people living in the house – male and female – and what looks like repeated drug deals happening at the house. Last night a car was set on fire in front of the house. From across the street we heard the sound of something spinning, tires trying to get up on a curb or an engine trying to turn over and then what sounded like air being let out of something (tires?) gas coming out of the gas tank? We went outside and saw the car completely engulfed in flames 15-20 feet high. Fireman came and put it out – said it looked as if it had been broken into, and possible hot-wired. Neighbors do not recognize the car as being on the block. Think it was stolen.

3813 David Drive, North Highlands, CA 95660

drug sales and traffic, also a lot of violence

Name & image removed 10/13/2014 by request of resident.

4855 Zion Dr., St. Cloud FL 34772

House looks abandoned. HOA said home is foreclosed, no one is suppose to be living there.

12628 N. 22nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85022

transient traffic in and out,was all boarded up now some are not,

1175 whispering winds ct apopka, fl 32703

property has been vacant since early 2013, people started living there in nov 2013, but never “moved in”. as in moving furniture, etc. there is suspicious activity that has been reported to the police. We have an HOA and we have contacted the occupants regarding HOA dues that were due in march 2014. That is when we learned that they were “renting” the house, but unable to provide a lease. When we called on them again the next week the provided a “lease”. We then searched public records and discovered it is bank owned by Wells Fargo. The lease has no information regarding who leased the property to the tenants. There is no legible name or contact information. The property has begun to deteriorate due to no maintenance. Yard is overgrown and several cars are left on street all day and night. HOA has contacted police with no results.

Update 06/01/2015
Saw them move out last week, house is now empty.