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Find squatter properties located in California.

505 S Fonda La Habra CA 90631

Hoarders rat pack unhealthy living conditions poor quality of living standards

2088 Taylor Rd., Bethel Island, CA 94511

They are squatting, allowing sexual offenders to live on the property, have hogs on the property, stealing PG&E/water, selling/doing drugs on property and destroyed the property and boat on water.

2305 Akers Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93309

There is a group of young men staying at this house and I know they do not own it. There are always people coming in and out of the house and they are always having loud parties, and I’ve smelled marajuana coming from the backyard.

4074 E Crystal Ave, Fresno, CA 93705

Catrina Forte is a squatter in Fresno, CA

9089 Cielito St Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701-5638

Cleaning crew came and never moved anything in. Now people are living there and suspicious activities have been going on.

3974 Dublin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90008

The squatters are still rotating, mostly at night and odd hours. There is one gentleman whose truck – which has some pest control company name on it – is there most frequently, but lately, one of the cars is parked inside the carport gate. The place is run down. Now they leave their two dogs in the backyard, who bark INCESSANTLY. We have NO way of contacting them as they do not want to know anyone and have been laying low as of late. The house is in BAD shape and they seem to have a hose hooked up to the front lawn that goes to the back. When they do stay, there is a blue-gray four-door sedan, a black SUV, and sometimes a white X-terra seen parked in the driveway and in front of the house. The older man who drives the pest control truck has been seen leaving in the early morning hours, returning in the afternoon/evening, and then parks not in front of the house, but in front of the neighbors’ houses on either side of him. The banks are really negligent to allow this to happen.

3128 Hannah St, Oakland, CA 94608

Squatters in industrial building. Broken lock on front door to make it look like it’s still locked. Spray painted over no trespassing sign. Started out as one and more have shown up. Leaves trash, needles and random “found” furniture around on corner. Occasional yelling at passerby’s from inside of boarded up windows. Regularly are junked out guys and gals sitting on the stairs.
Clearly a drug use location for homeless.

4171 Santa Rosa street Sacramento ca 95817

Two people staying in the house next store behind my house,which is a duplex and they are making so much noise and fighting at odd hours throughout the night and its causing me to get very little sleep being that the noise is right behind my bedroom and my child’s bedroom.

1827 Madrone Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691

This is a newly renovated duplex w/no signs of renting or property mgmt yet. There is a single man who has a beard and tatoo. No type of transportation. Comes out to smoke during day time only and walks up and down the side walk but never leaves the house. Lights are out by 5pm no activity after dark.

2479 S. Laureen Ave., Fresno CA. 93725

The previous owners lost the house to the bank due to not making payments and moved out about 6 months ago. Ever since the house been empty people would come in and out throughout the night. About a week ago about 4 to 5 gangster men started coming at night and one of them told a neighbor they will be renting the house which we know it’s not true. You only see them move things in at night and sometimes early morning you see children from the ages 2 to 8 years old playing outside in the street unsupervised by an adult. At night you see a lot of activity of gangsters coming in and out. Also, see them hanging outside exchanging items with people coming and going. Not sure if it’s drugs. Neighbors feel unsafe and no longer feel safe to let our children play in the front yard.