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8 Merrill Ave, Lisbon, ME 04250


Previous owners are the squatters. House was foreclosed in 2012. Building is dilapidated and yard full of garbage. Home is turned into a hangout for many young adults with cars coming and going all hours of the day.

505 S Fonda La Habra CA 90631

Hoarders rat pack unhealthy living conditions poor quality of living standards

18926, 0hio St, Detroit, MI, 48821

The guy man that squats there is very abusive and loud, and has illegal lights on at the residence! Which is unfair for everyone else. The water is off there so he sneaks in his neighbors yard to fill up water jugs. In the inside of the home he writes all on the walls and he beats up on his pregnant baby momma! He is a big disturbance to our community here with his nonesense. He has two other people always over 4-6 days out the week and theres always playing loud music and smoking. It’s getting worse and worse

9410 sw 192 nd Dr miami fl 33157

I’m just a concerned neighbor. Too many families are now moving in and out of this foreclosed house. ThE family that is currently there has been there for a while but Something just seems suspicious. I really want to remain Anonymous Because I’m unaware of this is legit or not.

7816 Blushing Den, Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

I live in a good neighborhood in las vegas. We in the last month have had squatters move in. Cars come by five minutes at a time at that house. Leads me to imagine they are selling drugs out of the home. My kids can no longer play outside as they are very shady people. All our neighbors are aware of the problem but it is a bank owned property with no real owner to get them out.

5508 wells cathedral ave las vegas nv 89130

They got a notice on door and a orange sticker but they ripped it off and went threw the garage. . The back yard is trashed .. since i moved to this area every one said that they were squatter. But there to scared to say anything… I pay alot of money for my house and so should they…

14010 SE Briggs St. Milwaukie OR 97267

Squatters have lived in this house for approximately 2 years. The previous owner was foreclosed, and that bank is still the current owner. A homicide took place in June 2015, and the squatters left for a couple of months but are now back. The place is trashed, and there is a lot of activity.

422 highland dr Bakersfield ca 93308


About 1 1/2 to 2 months ago the tenants of 422 highland Dr in Bakersfield California were paid cash by federal home loan mortgage Corp to move out. They moved but let their family move in without the owners permission. Now they are squatting and a lot of trash all over.

5500 Wells Cathedral ave las vegas nv 89130

There was a notice on the door with a orange sticker and they went in threw the garage and then they took off the notice on door there back yard is gross you can smell dog poop from the street. I feel as though we pay alot of money for our house and its nit fare..

233 Sherry Street, East Islip, NY 11730

A drug-addicted mother squatting in foreclosed home with disabled daughter. No water or heat in home. Disposing of human waste outside. Evicted from last 2 apartment complexes she was renting at for non-payment.