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16074 manning st. Detroit michigan 48205

I’m a single mother of 2 young daughters and I also own my home which is next to the house that they are squatting in. I believe it’s gonna be a drug house because there are a bunch of guys that are in there. I’m worried for my safety and the safety of my daughters! Please help!!!

1104 E Bismark, Spokane, WA 99208

Four adults are living in this vacant, repossed house w/o power or water. We have extreme fire danger locally and the house/yard is a high risk for fire. Their are bags of garbage in a shopping cart in the back alley. They are damaging neighboring properties – i.e. backed into the fence next door and broke thru the boards.

1011 Sheridan Avenue Apt D8 Bronx, NY 10456

There is an adult black man living there ILLEGALLY and additionally abuses illegal drugs such a marijuana where children reside there. He is not a legal tenant in this building or the apartment. Also many people are seen coming in and out of that apartment often. The landlord’s office has been called about the situation and nothing has been done.

2063 East County Road 378, Blytheville, AR 72315.

Farrah Allen Wells is harboring Africa Wells
2063 East County Road 378, Blytheville, AR 72315.

Africa Wells parents previously owned this house but the house was forclosed in 2014

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT CIVIL DIVISION FARMERS BANK & TRUST COMPANY PLAINTIFF VS. NO. CV-2013-125 (JF) JIMMY WELLS; SANDRA WELLS; STATE OF ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION; DISCOVER BANK; and UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE DEFENDANTS NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER’S SALE Pursuant to the provisions of a Decree which was ren- dered by the Circuit Court of Mississippi County, Arkan- sas, Chickasawba District, in a cause therein pending numbered CV-2013-125 on the docket of said Court, wherein Farmers Bank and Trust Company was Plaintiff and Jimmy Wells, Sandra Wells, State of Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Discover Bank and United States De- partment of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service were Defendants, I, the un- dersigned Commissioner, (or my deputy or successor in office as alternate Com- missioner), will, at 10:00 a.m., on the 20th day of June, 2014, offer for sale at public auction to the highest and best bidder, upon a credit of three (3) months, at the front door of the Mis- sissippi County Courthouse in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, the following property, located in the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas: A part of the East Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 18, Township 14, North, Range 11 East de- scribed as beginning at a point 20 feet South and 440.6 feet West of the Northeast Corner of said Section 18; thence West 104.7 feet; thence South 171 feet; thence East 104.7 feet; thence North 171 feet to the point of beginning. Commonly known as: 2063 East County Road 378, Blytheville, AR 72315. Also Known as: 2063 East County Road 378, Osceola, AR 72315. The purchaser at said sale will be required to give bond with approved security to secure the payment of his bid, and a lien will also be retained on the property therefor. Donna Hart, Circuit Clerk By: Stacy Fulks, D.C. Donna Hart, Commissioner in Circuit May 20, 2014 4:00p.m. Prepared by: GIBSON & THOMAS, P.A. 317 W. Hale Ave., P.O. Box 686 Osceola, Arkansas 72370 ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF

63 Grassmire Dr, Clarksville TN 37042-3483

For three months people have been in and out of this house, loud music, trash all over the front. They keep the front door open because obviously there is no power in the house. They sneak garbage bags in other neighbors trash cans, because the trash collector retrieved the trash can three months ago. This a very nice neighborhood but this house is very nasty and making things look undesirable. If these people are not squatters, they sure act like it.

12215 S 210th Dr, Buckeye, AZ 85326

Strange activity, the house has been foreclosed on for a few years

5537 lighthouse lane, Palmdale , CA 93552

Squatters living in home, stealing water from neighboring residents. Confrontational with neighbors. Using gas generator for power.

1375 South Grand Avenue, Des Moines Iowa

Squatters in the yard all the time with Rottweilers.

2214 Z St, vancouver wa 98661

Large family is living there with barking dogs and others living in a tent and in a shed in backyard.

92-08 Springfield Boulevard, Queens Village, New York 11428

Wilfredo Colon, aka Willie Colon had agreed to fix up the apartment in June 2014 and said it would take 2 months maxI mum to complete. He knew a contractor and got us a price of $7000.00. After final payment, the contractor was still not finished by the end of the year. Willie moved in on January 1st 2015 with still remaining work that needed to be done that he blamed on the contractor, including a bathroom vanity and kitchen counter and sink. Since August 15th 2015, he has only paid $500.00 cash with rent set at $1000.00 per month. He currently owes $6500.00. This individual has come up with multiple excuses of why he couldn’t pay. He has two sets of two kids ages 2 thru 5 from two different women, and said he owed thousands in child support and that his real estate commissions were getting taken away to pay them. In addition to the fact, he had been told prior to moving in that there are to be no pets and no children in the apartment. He sometimes has up to all 4 kids on the weekend up in the apartment, AS WELL AS having a dog full time. He has ties to MLS and has a partnership with a Robert Manfredo from Robfredo LLC real estate located at 11 Sunrise Plaza, Suite 304 in Valley Stream,  NY 11580  Phone: (516) 984-3332.

The company can be found on Facebook where a further link to his personal Facebook page can be found.