Closed and Disputed Reports

Closed Reports

Q:  “Why is my NSDB report still showing up in Google?”

5265 Spears Rd., Pinckney, MI 48169

No more entries of any kind will be allowed for this address due to a dispute between opposing parties.  Any future entries will be deleted.

2501 Riddle Rd., Austin, TX

  • Owner states that tenant was evicted August 2012 and that he never considered tenant a squatter.

1621 Bloomfield Ave, Deltona, FL 32725

  • Closed:  February 25, 2013
  • Dispute Report by property owner January 17, 2013 reports squatters have been removed.

935 Rawhide Court, Bonita, CA 91902

  • Closed:  January 14, 2013
  • Dispute Report (Name and Other Personal Information Have Been Removed)

600 Buss Ave., Vallejo, CA

  • Report URL:
  • Dispute URL:
  • Reason: Excessive posting.  Both sides have presented their views.
  • Comments:  Closed on August 27, 2012.  No further posts on this address will be allowed.

38e Mansion Blvd, Delmar, NY 12054

  • Reason:  Dispute report filed and confirmed.
  • Comments:  Filed on December 12, 2012

7200 Block of La Presa Drive, Los Angeles, CA

  • Reason:  Receiver of property, Robb Evans & Associates LLC, informed NSDB that squatter(s) have been removed.
  • Comments:  Copy of court order submitted to NSDB on January 8, 2013.


The following NSDB reports are in current dispute but not yet closed:

6677 Havenhurst St, Corona, CA 92880

  • Report URL:
  • Dispute URL:
  • Comments:  Dispute reporter requests removal of original Report on the basis that he/she owns the property.  However, current records state that property is owned by Nationstar Mortgage (see image below; source:  If Dispute reporter has more current ownership information to contradict this, please submit another Dispute Report, attaching copy of Deed to the report or add a link to a tax assessor’s site or Realtor’s site showing that the bank has sold the property.