Q:  Why was the National Squatter Database (NSDB) created?

A:  Squatters thrive on secrecy and lack of communication–fertile ground for them to establish themselves on the property owned by others.  NSDB helps expose squatting activity by opening up lines of communication between interested parties.

Q:  Does the NSDB Report go to law enforcement?

A:  No.  But remember that reporting squatters to local police has little value.  Squatting is a civil, not a criminal, matter.  Police can step in if the squatters are engaging in criminal activity such as running a marijuana grow house or meth lab, or are creating a nuisance with late-night noise, etc.  Even then, police will be dealing only with the criminal activity, not the squatting issue.  But as soon as it is evident that eviction has cleared the court, the squatters become trespassers.  Then, police can remove them, as they would any other criminal trespasser.

Q:  Then what does an NSDB Report do?

The purpose of NSDB is to create a searchable, centralized database of properties occupied by squatters.  This database presents squatter information in a uniform, easily readable format so that any interested party–neighbors, real estate agents, police, etc.–can be pointed to an NSDB link or provided with a printout of a report.

Q:  Can I report anonymously?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Why did you delete my Report?


  1. Most likely, because you did not enter a full address.  With regularity, we receive reports with incomplete addresses like “3769 Wynne” (no city, state, or zip given) or “98715” (zip code only; no address, city, or state).
  2. Another reason we delete Reports is because two Reports were submitted, one after the other.  It takes up to 2 hours for your Report to publish to our system, so please be patient.
  3. Someone may have filed a Dispute.
  4. Lastly, your Report may be unreadable (poorly written, too many typos) or may contain inflammatory information.

Q:  Why did you edit my Report?

A:  We want your Report to be as accurate to your view of the situation as possible.  However, standards do need to be maintained, so we will:  a.)  correct spelling, typos, and grammatical errors; b.) correct the location address, only if needed (the system will not map accurately if the address is not phrased right); and c.)  remove inflammatory language.

Q:  I am squatting on a property but believe I have a legal right to do so.  How can I dispute an NSDB registration?

A:  Submit a Dispute Report.  The property must already have an active NSDB Squatter Report.  NSDB cannot decide matters between interested parties and squatters.

Q:  I believe I have been erroneously reported as a squatter.  What can I do?

A:  Fill out a Dispute Report.

Q:  Can I generate and print a notice of NSDB Registration to post on the property?

A:  Not at this time, but this is forthcoming.

Q:  How easy or difficult is it to evict squatters?

A:  The hard truth about squatting is that it’s easy for the squatters to move in, difficult for property owners to evict them.  We have an article about evicting squatters which is a work in progress and will be finished as we get more information.

Q:  Can I provide feedback on the site?

A:  Absolutely.  NSDB is in Beta form and welcomes constructive comments.  Use this form:

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Q:  Do you have an e-mail address?

A:  info@squatterdatabase.com