How to Identify a Marijuana Grow House in a Squatter House

One reason squatters occupy a house is to establish a “grow house” for marijuana.  Like any other fauna, pot loves natural light, air, and water.  But in urban areas, it’s difficult to find spaces to grow without detection, so it’s necessary to grow inside.  Also, growing inside allows for a more controlled environment.

1.  Squatters Are Discreet

Causing a nuisance only draws attention, and attention brings the police–the last thing a grow house proprietor wants.  So, keeping quiet and appeasing the neighbors helps the grower keep a lid on things.

2.  High Electricity Bills

Unless you can access the house’s electricity bills, it may be difficult to find out how much power the house is using.  One way, if you can access the house’s electric meter without endangering yourself, is to read it at the beginning of the month and again at the end (“How Does An Electric Meter Read Power?”

3.  No Trash Pickup

Putting out the remnants of marijuana production is a dumb move.  All it takes is one intrepid neighbor to go through the trash at night and discover evidence of production.  So, occupants of a grow house will likely haul out their own trash.

4.  Shades Drawn

People doing secret, criminal things usually keep the shades drawn.  But more so with growers.  They will board up and cover windows with heavy plastic to keep light out of the growing area.

5.  Nighttime Movements

Occupants, if they are smart, come and go late at night, when neighbors are in bed.

6.  A Succession of People

It takes a village to grow an indoor marijuana field.  You may find that the squatter’s house is occupied by a succession of people, singly or in pairs, to tend to the plants.  Marijuana needs constant tinkering.

7.  Air Outtake Smells Like Weed

Marijuana requires good airflow.  Grow rooms will have air outtakes that expel air to the outside.  If you know the smell of fresh, growing weed, it will be an unmistakable odor.