Squatting and Trespass

Squatting, trespass, and criminal trespass are not always considered to be the same thing–at least in the eyes of some.

The Neighbors’ Perspective:  Getting Rid of Squatters

Drug Production in Squatter’s Houses

Squatters often occupy empty houses for the sole purpose of manufacturing meth or growing marijuana.  Both types of production take a heavy toll on the property.

Eviction Process

Unfortunately for the property owner, when it comes to eviction, the burden is on their shoulders to “cross their T’s and dot their I’s” correctly.

Squatting From the Squatter’s Perspective

Depending on your perspective, there may be instances when squatting is considered good.

Squatter Horror Stories

How bad can things really get?  Read these cautionary tales of squatters run amok.

Making Banks Accountable for Their Foreclosed Properties